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Level 1 Digital Technology Semester 2 (Including External)

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs K. Venketiah.

Recommended Prior Learning

The course is an open entry, though preference will be given to students who have taken Digital Technology in Year 10.

Students should select this course if they have done 1DTE1. The course is offered in Semester 2 and there is an external exam.

Content covered:

Nielsen's Heuristics

AS 91877 - Develop a proposal for a digital outcome (3 credits) 

AS 91878 - Develop a design for a digital outcome (3 credits)

AS 91884 -  Use basic iterative processes to develop a digital outcome (3 credits)

AS 91886 (external) - Demonstrate understanding of human computer interaction - Nielsen's Heuristics (3 credits)

Learning Areas:

Digital Technology, Technology

Detailed Course Outline


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