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Level 1 Geography - The World Around Us - External

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms J. Lauaki.

Recommended Prior Learning

Requirements for Level 1 Geography: 

It would be beneficial if you have also taken the Semester 1 - 1GEOG course.


An interest in Geography and a good level of LITERACY (as there is a lot of Research, Reading & Writing).

Geography explores the relationships and connections between people and their natural and cultural environments. Geography investigates the ways in which features are arranged on the Earth’s surface and describes and explains the patterns and processes that create them. Students will learn to think spatially and use maps, visual images and new technologies to obtain, present and analyse information. Geography can be studied at tertiary level as a Social Science (or Science) subject. It leads to a wide variety of careers in environmental and urban planning and the public sector.  The learning that will take place in this course is in preparation for the TWO EXTERNAL Assessments that you will be sitting at the end of the Semester.

NOTE:  ONE of the two External assessments offered is a co-requisite standard (worth 5 credits) that can count towards your 'Literacy' credits.

Learning Areas:

Social Sciences


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