Level 1 Te Ao Haka

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: K. Potae

Te Ao Haka is born of its context

It is essential that students understand and engage with the origins and development of Te Ao Haka as an artform. Concepts of whakapapa and taiao, and of place space and time, are intrinsic to Te Ao Haka.

Narratives are the catalyst for all composition

Te Ao Haka is built on and communicates narratives. To engage with Te Ao Haka students will require both interpretive and communicative skills - such as listening, pānui, tuhituhi, reo-ā-waha.

He taonga tuku iho

Te Ao Haka is a treasure and an inheritance. It is rooted in, and elevates Māori culture and language. For many students, it is an access point to engaging with te ao Māori. 

Te Ao Haka is uniquely and recognisably Māori

To engage with Te Ao Haka, students must engage with tikanga, reo, and Māori culture and identity. The essence and distinctiveness of Te Ao Haka come from its cultural and contextual origins.

Te Ao Haka can only be truly understood through performance

Performance is an intrinsic component for students of Te Ao Haka. Through performance, students can explore foundations, skills, creativity, expression and refinement. Performance will form a key part of their learning as they progress on their Te Ao Haka journey.

Learning Areas:

Te Ao Haka