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Level 2 Business Studies

Course Description Recommended Prior Learning

A minimum of 14 credits from Level 1 Business Studies.

The aims of this course are to:

 Explore how and why large businesses in New Zealand make operational decisions in response to internal and
external factors.
 Plan, take to market, review, and then refine a business activity incorporating a community well-being focus, basing
recommendations for the future on market feedback.
 Business themes for Level 2 includes: business formation, functions of business, people in business, business
management and business environment.

This course covers business formation, function and management of a large business. Students will continue to build on the skills developed in Level 1 Business Studies around various factors that can impact upon a business in the current New Zealand economic climate. Important ideas are developed in the classroom and also through links with the local business community. The
internal assessments are all research based and cover market research and motivation, as well as setting up and running a small business to sell on Market Day and (hopefully) make a profit as well as a contribution to the community and a charity. 

Learning Areas:



Level 3 Business Studies


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