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Level 2 History - NZ Historical Perspectives & External

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms J. Lauaki.

Recommended Prior Learning

Requirements for Level 2 History: 

It would be beneficial if you have also taken the Semester 1 - 2HISP course.

8+ credits in Level 1 History , L1 Social Studies or Level 1 Literacy (10 credits) or Approval of HOD Social Science.

This is a Literacy heavy, academic course.  Students must have a high level of Literacy skill to succeed in this course.

This Semester Course is a continuation of the Semester 1 (2HISP) course with a continued focus on Historical Events of significance to New Zealanders.  Topics will include the Treaty of Waitangi, 1840;  the Maori Land March, 1975;  Bastion Point, 1977-1978;  the Springbok Tour, 1981 and the Dawn Raids of the 1970's.  You will choose one of these Case Studies to base your assessments (Internal & External) during this semester.  History develops research and communication skills such as the ability to examine, select and record information and ideas, as well as to present findings effectively in written, visual and oral forms.  History focuses on critical evaluation and encourages students to think perceptively and insightfully about events, PERSPECTIVES and actions in the past.  There will also be a LEVEL 2/3 HISTORY CAMP this semester, but students MUST meet certain criteria to be eligible to go.

Learning Areas:

Social Sciences


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