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Level 3 Dance Performance and Protocol

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Miss A. Imlach.

Recommended Prior Learning

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Note: this is not a hip-hop course and this genre may not be taught

In this course you will do the following:

  • You will learn dance protocols for performance (portfolio work is required for eveidence of this) 
  • You will learn 3 contrasting dances that you will perform for a live audience on more than one occasion.

Learning Areas:


Assessment Information

Produce a dance to realise a concept involves:
 applying choreographic processes such as:
- selecting a stimulus or purpose, developing a choreographic intention,
researching ideas and exploring movement ideas
- choosing dancers, dance styles, and methods for producing movement
- choreographing movement, rehearsing, making and applying design decisions
and presenting the dance
 applying basic choreographic principles, such as repetition and variation
 reflecting on and evaluating, throughout the process, the choreography, the
design decisions, the use of technologies, the choreographic process, and the
dance presentation.


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