Year 10 Dance Peformance

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Miss A. Imlach.

Learn to be a good performer

In this course, you will be learning multiple group dances. 

The dances you learn will involve formations, transitions, levels etc, all the conventions needed to create a strong, captivating ensemble piece. Some of these pieces may be performed in front of a live audience. 

 Please note: Live performances are mandatory in this course

Note: Do not take this course if you only want to learn Hip Hop as you will learn a range of dance genres and it may not be hip hop

Recommended Prior Learning

Semester 2- 9 Dance


Assessment Information

Ensemble skills mean:
 Maintaining spatial awareness (eg formations)
 Supporting group focus
 Accurate timing with accompaniment and other dancers (eg unison)
 Sensitivity in performer interactions (eg relationships)
 Support for the communication of the dance.

Demonstrate ensemble skills involves recalling and reproducing a dance as required
by the choreography or dance style, and typically involves:
 unison movements being in time
 moments of support for the communication of the dance
 moments of clearly directed focus.


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