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Level 3 Online, Distance Learning

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Miss L. Mortimer.

2022 Online Learning Community Programmes of Learning (via Online Learning Community)

HarbourNet is a community of secondary and composite schools in Auckland that collaborate to provide online learning opportunities to meet the needs of students and teachers.  These online courses are also accessible from schools/teachers around the country.  Do you want to take a course that is not currently offered?

Students who select a course from this list will meet with Lisa Mortimer and your whānau before you will be accepted onto the course. You need to be a very independent learner who can manage their own time and work in a completely different way to the rest of your subjects.  You will have only one lesson a week, held online, and then you are responsible for completing the work during a study period.

You must have high attendance to be considered for a course.

List of Courses


The courses we offer are reviewed regularly and are subject to change.