Year 10 Tongan

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: J. Lauaki

Year 10 Tongan is the foundation level for learning Tongan language. Tongan language at Year 10 will equip students with the knowledge and skills that they need to be successful at the Tongan level 1, 2, and 3. 

Course Overview

Term 1
Introduction to Tongan Grammar and Language Structure/Greetings and introductions

Term 2
The Tongan family

Term 3
Tongan legends and folktales

Term 4
Tongan Music and Dance

Recommended Prior Learning

Requirements for Year 10 Tongan: An interest in learning Tongan Language, and trying something new.  A basic knowledge/understanding of the Tongan Language would be beneficial. Students MUST also be willing to stand and present speeches in spoken Lea Faka-Tonga. Students must also be willing to participate/contribute in class discussions. 



The courses we offer are reviewed regularly and are subject to change.