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Level 2 Dance Choreography

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Miss A. Imlach.

Recommended Prior Learning

Level 1 Dance.

Note: This is not a hip-hop course

This Course could be in Sem 1 or 2 

Contemporary, Improvisation and Choreographing. Researching different choreographers and their processes.

In this course, we will cover two different internals. During the first internal we will develop an understanding of a range of choreographic processes. Through researching recognised choreographers, developing movement off of their concepts and evaluating movement’s potential, we will form a better idea of how different choreographers create their work, and what process works best for us as budding choreographers. . Please Note: lots of movement/exercises will be filmed for evidence purposes.

During the second half of the semester, you will use what you learnt during the first internal, to work with a group of your peers to create a group dance that communicates a clear intention. You will start off by choosing a choreographic intention and then developing how you could convey this idea through movement. After playing with different variations of movement, you will begin to structure your dance by creating sequences and phrases. Once ready, we will film your dance for assessment purposes. 

Learning Areas:


Assessment Information

Choreograph a group dance to communicate an intention involves:
 defining a clear intention
 using the dance elements, such as using: two different forms of locomotion, more
than one level, a variety of pathways (eg a diagonal pathway followed by a
circular pathway), more than one facing, mainly unison movement
 ordering movements for a group of dancers, such as: including repetition of
movements and phrases, beginning and ending the dance with similar
movements or shapes

Demonstrate understanding of a range of choreographic processes involves:
 researching and/or practically exploring a range of choreographic processes
 demonstrating understanding of the generic steps involved in making a dance
 demonstrating understanding of variations in choreographic processes
 implementing aspects of the processes in choreographic exercises.


Level 3 Dance Performance and Protocol

Career Pathways

Dancer, Entertainer


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