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Level 3 Hospitality Origins of and presentation of espresso beverages and café cookery

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms D. Corban.

Student at Level 3 MUST produce and cater food and beverages in an authentic environment for a variety of customers and in a variety of situations. For this reason, the Level 3 students are an integral part of the Papakura High School Catering business called 'Educaterer's'. Hospitality students at Papakura High School have a well-equipped, purposely built and fully functioning catering kitchen and barista machine for this purpose.

Students, as well as the learning tutors at PHS, are required to be committed to practising the Food Safety Standards of New Zealand and produce quality and complex foods to a commercial standard at ALL times within this vocational environment. We support each other and work as a team to achieve successful outcomes.

Course Overview

Semester B
US 13293 Prepare and cook basic vegetable dishes in a commercial kitchen 6 credits
US 17284 Demonstrate knowledge of coffee origin and production 3 credits
US 17288 Prepare and present beverages for service 5 credits

Learning Areas:


Assessment Information

To achieve each Standard provided students MUST demonstrate practical capability, complete the written workbook and the written Assessment.
Practical capabilities MUST be demonstrated while servicing multiple people multiple times. A finite number of 'Educaterer' functions are available for the Level 3 students and therefore, every effort to attend these are required.
Students must also meet the Vocational Personal and Food Health and Safety requirements at all times when working with food and beverages in the catering kitchens. These include, but are not limited to: wearing hard covered shoes, no nail polish, short nails, hair tied back, hair nets used, good personal hygiene. clean uniform and aprons.

Course Fees

All food and service uniforms are provided.


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