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Year 9 Dance

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Miss A. Imlach.

Dance Curriculum 101 (Do not pick this course if you only want to learn hip-hop dance pick it if you have a  passion for dance)

The Year 9 course is designed to introduce you to dance vocabulary and key skills you will continue to develop if you take dance in the Senior school. 

  • In this course, you will learn how to perform as an ensemble (group). Learning how to dance in formations and enter and exit from the stage smoothly while performing a dance sequence 
  • You will learn a range of dance styles not just a hip-hop dance (This course is not for you if hip-hop is the only genre you prefer to dance)
  • You will begin to learn the basics of dance choreography. How to make dance based on a dance stimulus (topic) that tells a story or expresses an idea. 

Learning Areas:



Year 10 Dance Choreography, Year 10 Dance Peformance


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