Level 1 Compose and Perform Dance

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Miss A. Imlach.

Note: This is not a hip-hop course and this genre of dance may not be taught in this course 

In this course, you will cover the following:  

You will learn to create choreography for given briefs. You will learn about the elements and devices of dance in order to create group and duet dance works. 

You will also learn two up to two different dance sequences decided by the teacher. You will be learning the basic techniques of this genre and how to perform it to a high standard.  

This course could run in semesters 1 and 2 but you can not take this same course twice. e.g. Taking this course specifically in Semester 1 means you can not take it again in Sem 2. 

Recommended Prior Learning

Year 10 Dance


Assessment Information

A dance sequence is a series of connected movements that work together to
communicate the composition brief. A sequence is not a complete dance.

 A given brief is the idea, movement problem or framework for the composition
task provided by the teacher. The brief should focus on students using the
elements of dance (space, time, body, relationships and energy) and transitions.
Students may use choreographic devices to develop movement material.
 Composing may involve personal ways of moving that emerge from improvisation
and creative work. Composition may also consist of stylistic techniques and
movements usually associated with particular dance genres or styles.

The elements of dance are body, space, time, energy and relationships. The
elements of dance may be used to:
 generate dance movement
 describe characteristics of a dance genre/style
 analyse dance movement or respond to a dance work
 explore or limit movement possibilities through improvisation

Demonstrate understanding of the elements of dance involves:
 identifying a range of elements of dance
 exploring a range of uses of the elements of dance.


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