Year 10 Option Health

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: J. Hura-Tupaea

Health Promotion Overview

Project-based option that focuses on improving wellbeing. 

Term 1

Identity - Socio-Economic Perspective & Health Promotion

Papakura area | camp | whanaungatanga

    Pukekiwiriki Maunga

    Ngati Tamaoho Office

    Tour of Papakura Area

    Connecting with Papakura Marae

    Connecting with ex-students who have ‘made it’ in life. 

    E.g. Mary-Jane Ale (Police Officer), Chynna Phelan (Mount Eden Event Manager) etc. 

    Students create a project-based inquiry around each of these inspirations, what they have endured, experienced, and how they acknowledge their past, present and future.

Term 2

Cultural & Traditional Health Practises 

    Maori: Mirimiri | Rongoa | Pregnancy | Health | Tikanga in the garden, home, differing Marae pending iwi.

    Tongan | Samoan | Dominant Ethnicities within our School and examining their health practises.

This includes spiritual healing of tohunga, Maori mediums, medium healers & readers as well as crystal readings.  

    Health Promoting Agencies

Getting an understanding of what support we have in Papakura, what they are about, their processes, and how we can connect our community with them or improve wellbeing to avoid certain interactions. 

E.g. Getting an understanding of what Oranga Tamariki do, their purpose, process, and further implications. 

They will have an opportunity to talk to social workers, understand their perspective and perhaps talk | watch some interviews that are relatable. 

Other agencies could include (but are not limited to) Kainga Ora, Police, Lava, Papakura Marae, YouthLine, Nurses, Midwives, Physiotherapists, Doctors,, counselor etc. 

Learning Areas:

Physical Education and Health


Level 1 Health

This course develops the skills and concepts required in Senior NCEA Health. The pathway for selecting Health is vast as the Health industry in a growing industy.