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Level 1 Mathematics - Interpret and apply mathematical and statistical information in context.

Course Description Recommended Prior Learning

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This course consolidates and extends the work undertaken in Years 9 and 10, and is designed to build students' Statistical levels to Level 6 or above by the end of the year. 

Skills developed in the course:

  • Gathering and processing information
  • Use Of Digital Technology.
  • Problem-solving
  • Communication of mathematical ideas

Course description/aims: The aim of the course is to introduce and develop basic mathematical skills, concepts, and understanding of the Mathematical Strands of statistics. The course objectives are that the candidate will be expected to:

Tāiringa kōrero is a thought put forward, on the basis of observations, which is yet to be proved. Mathematical and statistical discovery can begin with these observations. Tāiringa kōrero is marked by exploration, creativity, discovery, and conjecture. Experimentation and exploration are the mechanisms through which mathematical and statistical change unfolds. Ākonga can participate directly in these processes to enrich their comprehension.

  • Apply mathematical skills, concepts, and understandings in actual and simulated problems.
  • Demonstrate the ability to select and use appropriate mathematical techniques in problem-solving.
  • Demonstrate the ability to reason logically and systematically.
  • Demonstrate the ability to communicate mathematical ideas.

Upon successfully completing the course of study, students may study NCEA Level 2 Mathematics. However for some students, this is a terminating course and will provide credits towards Numeracy only.

Learning Areas:



Level 2 Mathematics with Statistics

Course Fees

NA - However, students will have chance to buy write on work books at around $7.50 each fro each standard.
WE advise that students purchase a Casio Scientific calculator.


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