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Level 1 Mathematics - Explore data using a statistical enquiry process.

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs P. Nair.

This course consists of 4 Achievement Standards that cover the key basic mathematical concepts of Statistics including Algebra, Geometry & Measurement.

Course description/aims: The aim of the course is to introduce and develop basic mathematical skills in Statistics

One of the strengths of NCEA is the flexibility it allows kaiako. This standard is focused on ākonga exploring data they have collected, to select, recognize and analyze any patterns they see in the data. 

A statistical investigation cycle is required, of which the one we are most familiar is the PPDAC cycle.

As ākonga build critical thinking skills, they move from relying on their intuition, or instincts, to working systematically to solve problems, form generalizations, and reach conclusions. Critical thinking skills can be developed through engagement with information from varying sources. As ākonga grow to recognize the connections between different observations, knowledge, and processes, their capabilities in making mathematical and statistical generalizations will improve. Hononga is the concept of identifying these connections and links to reach conclusions. Te hononga can be built through talanoa and wanānga, which can be ways of making sense of observations and patterns.

Upon successfully completing the course of study, students may study  NCEA Level 2 Mathematics. 

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Level 2 Mathematics with Statistics


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