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Leve 1 Music: Group Performance

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Miss A. Rabin.

The course allows the development of both solo and ensemble performances, musical knowledge, and the use of music technology.  There will be analyses of performing in a group and the specific skills required to successfully accomplish this. Additionally, there is a strong emphasis on practical work and you must be prepared to participate in all aspects; this is designed to develop your skills within all aspects of music, as well as creative, personal and interpersonal communication skills. 


An external may also be offered for students wishing to gain endorsement, however, it is recommended that both Semesters of Music are taken for students to develop their knowledge in order to do this exam. 

Additionally, for students wishing to focus on a high level of solo performance skills, it is recommended that students take both Semesters to attain the level of skills require and receive enough Itinerant tuition. 

Learning Areas:



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