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Level 1 Science - Life processes

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The Level 1 Science course focuses on Biology with links to Chemistry and Physics. It will give students the opportunity to explore in more depth the Life Processes - MRS GREN that enable our bodies to maintain good health. We will be focusing on nutrition and exercise and the impact unhealthy choices can have on our well-being. This will be explored using a range of scientific investigative approaches.  An in-depth focus will be Diabetes Type 2 and the impact this condition has on our community with the goal being identifying underlying factors and proposing possible ways of addressing the issue. 

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Level 2 Biology - Adaptations for Survival, Level 2 Biology - Genetics, Level 2 Chemistry - Investigating Chemical Reactions, Level 2 Chemistry - Structure, Bonding and Reactivity, Level 2 Physics - Investigating Physics Concepts, Level 2 Physics - Mechanics and Electricity, Level 2 Science - Earth and Space Science, Level 2 Science - Investigating in Science


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